Monday, May 21, 2018

Caught by Nightfall Cover Reveal

Caught by Nightfall

the sequel to Just Beyond Daybreak and book 2 in the 
Star Crossed Series


Meredith Blackburn finds herself between a rock and a hard place now that her relationship with Malcolm has led her to magical breaking and entering. Someone is playing around with the rivers of magic that flow over the planet and the oldest library around expects her to figure out who.

All Malcolm Blackwood wanted was a handful of new tracking spells. What he got was an angry lover, a conflicting revelation from his brother and some old kook trying to start a war. Now it’s up to him and Meredith to set things right. 

Will they save the day? Or will family get in the way? 

Find out June 10th!

And to celebrate....

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Just Beyond Daybreak

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

MidWeekTease: The Hunts On

MidWeekTease2It's time for a MidWeek Tease! This week I've pulled a tease from my first novel, Witch Hunt. Rei and Aidan meet in one of the oddest ways. During a wild hunt through the forest, Rei doesn't realize she has intruded on pack land.

After this tease head over to the other great blogs. You never know when you'll find the next must read!

Witch Hunt Tease

Splashing into the river, Rei felt the icy water close around her feet and legs, threatening to pull her downstream, and with each struggling step, she felt a new round of sharp, frozen needles. She felt the Hunt breathing down her neck as she launched herself up the slippery bank. The trek across the river had left Rei’s feet and legs half frozen, but she paid them little notice as she kept running onward. Oddly enough, Rei could have sworn she caught a glimpse of something running alongside her on the other side of the brush, but it was too physical to be the Wild Hunt. What is that? She quickly banished the question from her mind and focused her mind on the path she was being herded down.

Then suddenly a wolf jumped from the brush to stand in Rei’s path. Barely seeing the animal in time, Rei came to a stumbling halt. Her numb feet slid, and she ended up in a crouching pose only a few feet from the gray wolf. Fear flooded through her mind, and then, before her astonished eyes, the wolf stood and rippled. Standing over her was now a man bathed in moonlight. Rei’s eyes drifted up over the tanned flesh to look into his eyes, and then before any thoughts beyond shock could form, she was struck violently from behind.

That's the tease for this week. Remember to hop on over to the other great blogs and thanks for stopping by!

This tease was chosen because the publisher, CobbleStone Press will be sending the Saving Grace Saga to print starting this June. I'm super excited about it and just want to yell it from the rooftops. So, I'll be updating on that progress as it goes.

If you can't wait to read Witch Hunt or one of the other two stories in the series they're avilable as eBooks:

Witch Hunt

Nook Store
Cobblestone Press

Fox Hunt

Fire Hunt

That's all for today.

Peace and Love!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Silly Mondays

Mother's Day was yesterday and my lovely family made it a great day. A big shout out to my hubby and daughter. I needed a day for me and it was the best.

But now it's ... Monday.

For me, the first day of the week bleeds into all the other days. Most writers and work at home folk will understand. We work all kinds of hours and weekends don't necessarily mean a couple of days off. So we take the time we can get.

Today is no different. I've been having the time of my life laughing at a silly cat and my new robot sweeper, 1812. This little robot has been in the house for a few weeks now and almost everyone has gotten used to it. Everyone, except Sonic, my daughter's cat.

Sonic has been stalking 1812 all morning. He leans over the edge of the arm rest, eyeing the little vacuum. He prowls around corners, waiting for it to roll by. I just keep waiting on Sonic to pounce and an epic battle to begin.

In my head this is all playing out like a sci-fi worthy of the big screen. Robots have invaded a wild planet. Seemingly only collecting useless debris. All the other creatures on this untamed land ignore it, sure that these mechanics mean no harm and will be gone when they're done. Then enters Sonic, the youngest of his tribe and weary of the robots. Convinced they mean to steal away everything the planet has to offer, he waits and watches for the first real sign of danger.

Are the robots there to stripe the land and turn his home into a waste land? Is Sonic wrong? Will the robots leave in peace? Will 1812 transform into a war bot capable of over throwing the tribes?

I await future developments on the edge of my seat. Happy Monday, everyone!

Peace and Love

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Character ChitChat: Malcolm Blackwood

It's me again and I've got a quest today. Malcolm stepped out of the Star Crossed Series for a few moments and sat down for a bit of a character chitchat. I grabbed him just before the start of Just Beyond Daybreak. Meredith has yet to came back into his life. So lets see what the youngest Blackwood was up to before the adventures began.

Hi, Malcolm, how you doing?

Malcolm Blackwood isn't a shy person and answers with a confidant grin. "I'm good. Just kicking back in Magic Town for now. What's this all about?"

Just a little interview for... a magical tutor job. (Yeah, we'll roll with that.)

He sits back in his chair, a little more comfortable. "Well, I've got a pretty full schedule already. You'll have to make a new teaching job worth my time."

I heard you only had one student at the moment. That must be really hard on you. You did grow up in a mansion with access to just about anything you could want. Nice schools and social events rubbing elbows with the high born. You are, after all, high born yourself.

Malcolm fixes me with a cold stare and his blue eyes go hard. "I don't think that has anything to do with this, but yes, I grew up well. It allowed me to learn all the magical skills the small families pay dearly for. So, if you're looking for a classically trained tutor, you've found the right person."

That's very true, but why would a Blackwood be slumming it in Magic Town? Your family is one of the wealthiest and respected families in the magical community.

Letting out a rough laugh, Malcolm shook his head. "We might be a well off family, but it's not worth it. So many rules and standards you have to hold yourself to. If I'd stayed even my marriage would have been arranged by the family. All the old families are the same."

Even the Blackburns, I hear. If I'm not mistaken you moved into Magic Town around the same time marriage arrangements were settled for the oldest Blackburn, Meredith.

He gave a clipped answer. "That family has nothing to do with this."

That's right. The Blackwoods and the Blackburns don't get along, do they? Even though you went to school with Meredith and are the same age, you two really don't like to mix. Why is that? What's with this family feud?

Malcolm shifted in his seat. "It's as old as dirt. That's all I really know about it, but none of us really get along. I suppose it's an issue for the heads of the families now. I'm out of it."

What if Meredith showed up with a peace offering? Or the Blackburn family was in trouble? Would that change anything for you?

Abruptly standing, Malcolm pulled a candle out. "You know. I don't need another student and you're asking way too many questions. Peace."

With a strike of a match he's gone and our chitchat is over. I guess at that point he was still uncomfortable with the topic.

Find out why in Just Beyond Daybreak and keep an eye out for the next story in the Star Crossed Series, Caught by Nightfall.

Just Beyond Daybreak

When the source of her family’s magical energy and life force is stolen, Meredith Blackburn is left with little choice, but to search out the best magical tracker she knows. Unfortunately Malcolm Blackwood is more than just a tracker, he is also a man who captivates Meredith’s thoughts.

She strolled into Malcolm’s life with a job that he didn’t want, but instantly he regretted turning her away. Now, with his own family relics in danger, Malcolm finds himself unable to leave Meredith behind.

Can they save the Blackburn bloodline? Or will family ties tear them apart?

Available @ Amazon in print or ebook.

That's all for today.

Peace and Love.

Sunday, April 22, 2018

#8Sunday: Witch Hunt (April)

Sorry it's late. Wind knocked out the internet. So I'm not on the link links, but you lovely readers should still check out those great entries.
I really enjoyed the Weekend Writing Warriors hop, #8Sunday. So, I'm here again sharing a snippet from my first novel, Witch Hunt.

Once you get a taste of this paranormal romance hop on over to the main website and visit some of the other great authors for some sneak peaks at their works too.

Witch Hunt:

Gathering up her courage, Rei tore her gaze from the tanned chest and looked up at the man’s face. He was breathtakingly handsome. His soft golden-brown eyes were fixed on her intently, and the little smile on his face left a small dimple in his cheek. “Where am I?” she asked timidly.

“You’re in my home. I couldn’t leave you out in the forest by yourself. I’ve made some coffee. Come have a cup and eat some breakfast.”

There's 8 sentences and a rather interesting "first" meeting between the leading lady, Rei, and the hero, Aidan.

This snippet was chosen because the publisher, CobbleStone Press will be sending the Saving Grace Saga to print starting this June. I'm super excited about it and just want to yell it from the rooftops. So, I'll be updating on that progress as it goes.

If you can't wait to read Witch Hunt or one of the other two stories in the series they're avilable as eBooks:

Witch Hunt

Nook Store
Cobblestone Press


Fox Hunt

Fire Hunt

That's all for today.

Peace and Love!

Friday, April 13, 2018

#MFRWauthor It's Finally Finished!

I've decided to hit up one of my less visited hops. I'm in love with the 52-week blog challenge and realize that I could never follow through with it, even if I did manage the "New Year New Me".

That aside I am going to try to get back into the swing of doing at least one or two of these a month. Just to get back into the grove of blogging like I should and to share a little bit more about me and my works.

This weeks question is "How I celebrate completing my manuscript" and I felt it might be a great way to break the ice this year.

I've been ahead during CampNaNo this month and have almost completed a sequel to Just Beyond Daybreak, Caught by Nightfall. At least the draft anyway. So how do I celebrate?

When I type in those final words, which are normally "The End" it feels like a long held breath is released and I fall back and stare at the screen for a while. I ask myself "Is it really done?", "Did I leave anything out that I really should have put in?" and then I remind myself that's what read throughs are for.

I typically get take out with my family if I finished during the day. A spread of Chinese food is prefect celebration food in our house. My daughter loves it.

If I finish later in the evening I celebrate with a glass of wine or  apple cider. Then I'll convince the hubby to play a video game with me so I can work out some of the tension that writing built up. He loves video games so it's a win-win.

Then are there are those moments where I celebrate by jumping straight into a great book I've been putting off. I'll read two or three books before returning to the story and doing my read throughs.

Anyway that's my celebration styles. Jump over to some of the other great authors and find out how they celebrate.

Peace and Love!

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

April CampNaNoWriMo (2018)

 Participant 2018 - Twitter Header

Camp Time!

I should have announced it already, but I was so excited about the project that I forgot about it. You, lovely readers, have already seen a snippet over the weekend and hopefully are on the edge of your seat for the sequel to my paranormal romance novella, Just Beyond Daybreak.

Caught by Nightfall is yet another adventure for Meredith and Malcolm. They get into a bit of trouble and Malcolm's family, the Blackwoods come into the picture. Remember, these two families have never really gotten along, so there is sure to be some tension.

Along with family issues, these two have to find a way to stop a mystery thief from disturbing the balance of the planet. Lay Lines, a system of energy channels that crisscross Earth, take a front seat in this story and I seriously have to wonder if Meredith has a thing for dragons, as these lines are also known as dragon lines.

Along with the excitement of this story I'm feeling really great because a few more stories with these two have popped into mind and just before Camp started I started jotting down story lines and notes for two other Meredith and Malcolm stories. So, it seems they're getting a series.

The Star Crossed Series is planned and hopefully Caught by Nightfall will be coming soon.

That's all for now.

Peace and Love!